February Guest: Zack Hill


Zack Hill is the Coordinator and Advisor of the Western Program. He’s spent over ten years in academia as either an instructor (of English and Creative Writing) or an advisor. His background is in English and Psychology, and he is an aspiring screenwriter (after dabbling in poetry and fiction). He lives in Hamilton, OH with his wife and a small herd of rescued shelter and stray pets.

December Guest:SAFTA Holiday


The Sundress Academy for the Arts (SAFTA), a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, is an artists’ retreat on a 45-acre farm in Knoxville, Tennessee that offers residencies to writers, visual artists, filmmakers, composers, and more, from across the country. With two residency rooms on site, we offer a rotating space for nationally recognized and emerging artists in multiple disciplines.

SAFTA also hosts the Sundress Weekend Workshops, a series of creative arts workshops emphasizing composition, revision, and creative development. As part of Sundress Publications, the Weekend Workshops provide focused, personalized instruction to writers and artists of all skill levels. Participants are treated to guidance from advanced instructors who help them to not only hone their craft but also find suitable venues for their work. These workshops traditionally center on a theme or topic and often include an element of incorporated learning.

We are the home to SAFTA Films, a local production company, and the nationally recognized SAFTA Reading Series. Our organization is committed to fostering relationships with other regional artistic communities and non-profits in order to strengthen relationships and collaboration between artists of all genres.

September Guests: Hannah Stephenson and Joy Sullivan


Hannah Stephenson is a poet, editor, and instructor. She is the author of In the Kettle, the Shriek (Gold Wake Press), editor of New Poetry From the Midwest (New American Press) and The Ides of March: An Anthology of Ohio Poets (Columbus Creative Cooperative), and a poetry and arts blogger for The Huffington Post. Hannah’s writing has appeared in publications that include The Atlantic, 32 Poems, Sixth Finch, and Poetry Daily. Find her online at http://www.thestorialist.com.


Joy Sullivan is a poet and educator living in Franklinton, Ohio. Currently, she teaches Creative Writing at Columbus State Community College, Columbus Academy and Thurber House. Joy earned an MA in Poetry from Miami University and her academic work reflects an interest in social justice, community development, and creative education. Her most recent publications include Periodisa Publishing, Boxcar Poetry, and Mirror Dance. Additionally, she currently serves as the Artist-in-Residence for the Wexner Center’s Pages Program.